A Minor in Civil Engineering is available for both Systems Engineering majors and non-departmental majors who would like an overview of the principles of civil engineering.

The minor consists of:

  • two fundamental civil engineering courses + a lab
    560.100 Civilization Engineered
    560.201 Statics and Mech. of Materials
    560.211 Statics and Mech. of Materials Lab
  • two semesters of CaSE Careers (an undergraduate seminar course)
    560.391 CaSE Seminar I
    560.392 CaSE Seminar II
  • three courses in one technical area of your choice (structural, geotechnical, mechanics of materials, or systems engineering).

Links to the Degree Checkout Sheet are below.

Degree Checkout Sheet for the Minor in civil engineering » pdf | .xls

Please contact the department’s academic program coordinator for more information.