Capstone Experience – 1 course/final project

The Capstone Experience in Data Science (EN.553.806) is a research-oriented project which must be approved by the research supervisor, academic advisor and the Internal Oversight Committee.  The Capstone Experience can be taken in multiple semesters, but the total number of credits required for successful completion is six (6).  Students must complete a Proposal Request for the Capstone Experience in Data Science form and follow instructions below to submit for approval before enrollment in EN.553.806 will be approved by academic staff.

The student must identify and contact a research supervisor who will agree to supervise the capstone experience. The research supervisor must be a JHU faculty member. You can find a list of faculty who have agreed to supervise students on capstone projects below.  If you would like to work with another faculty member not currently listed, please contact the Data Science Program Director, Prof. Laurent Younes, for permission.

The student will download and complete a Proposal Request for the Capstone Experience in Data Science describing the project goals.

The proposal should be written as follows:

  1. Title of proposed project.
  2. Project description, with enough details for evaluation (e.g., 200 words).
  3. Completion timeline. Be sure to consider adequate time for review and edits by your research supervisor and your advisor before the end of the semester.
  4. Name(s) and signature(s) of faculty supervisor(s).  See instructions below for this process.
  5. Group projects are acceptable to fulfill the capstone experience, with the following requirements:
    • The group submits a proposal that, in addition to the aforementioned requirements, describes the composition of the group, and the role expected by each group member in the completion of the project.
    • Groups should not include more than four students.
    • Each student in the group submits an individual report, summarizing the full project, but focusing primarily on the part that was under their responsibility.
    • The final poster may be represented individually or as a group.
    • The option to complete a group project is solely at the discretion of the research supervisor.

  1. Student should email the proposal to the project supervisor and supervisor should send signed form back to student.
  2. Student should email the proposal to their advisor and advisor should send signed form back to student.

  1. Once the proposal has been reviewed and signed by the research supervisor and advisor, student will upload the form here. Academic staff will receive notification of the file upload and begin the committee review.
  2. Student should register for EN.553.806.01. The approval for the enrollment will not be granted until the student’s proposal has been fully approved.
    • If the deadline has passed for registration, the student must follow the instructions for a late add as indicated on the Registrar’s website.

  1. Student should be prepared to present his/her research findings in the form of a poster presentation which will be scheduled during one of the final dates of the Department Seminar (EN.553.801).
  2. Student must write a paper or research report that must be approved by the research supervisor and advisor. The final paper should be 6-12 pages in latex full page format (1 inch margins, times, 12pt) or ms-word equivalent.

At the completion of the project, the supervisor will provide a PASS/FAIL grade to the academic staff contact and the final grade will be uploaded to SIS.

The following list includes JHU faculty members who are willing to be contacted by DS students to supervise their capstone project. This list is not exhaustive and students should feel free to contact other JHU faculty with whom they would be interested to work.