Whitehead 100


Kristin Bechtel, Academic Program Administrator
[email protected]
Phone: 410-516-7198


Ann Gibbins, Sr. Administrative Manager
[email protected]
Phone: 410-516-5501


Jared Edmiston, Grants & Contracts Analyst

[email protected]

Phone: 410-516-6890


Seanice Tucker, Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]
Phone: 410-516-7195


Meghan Tully, Budget Specialist
[email protected]
Phone: 410-516-1216


Lisa Wetzelberger, Sr. Academic Program Coordinator

[email protected]
Phone: 410-516-6538


Sonjala Williams, Graduate Professional Development Career Advisor
AMS Graduate Career Connections
[email protected]
Phone: 410-516-8683


Lori Lewis, Sr. Grants and Contracts Analyst
Mathematical Institute for Data Science (MINDS)
[email protected]

Phone: 410-516-1150

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