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  • The Johns Hopkins student chapter of Society for Biomaterials is a multidisciplinary student club established in 2013 by students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Our society focuses on the promotion of biomaterials research, and the advancement of education and awareness of biomedical and biomaterials sciences through organizing field trips, research seminars, networking and social events. We welcome students from any departments for membership; in fact, we have graduate and undergraduate members from several departments of the school of engineering, and the school of arts and sciences. 

    Advisor: Hai-Quan Mao – [email protected]

    President: Michael Lan – [email protected]
    Vice President: Bruce Enzmann – [email protected]
    Vice President: Anson Zhou – [email protected]
    Administrative Chair: Siddharth Iyer – [email protected]
    Treasurer: Jason Yin – [email protected]
    Outreach Chair: Jasmine Hu – [email protected]
    Outreach Chair: Justin Zhou – [email protected]
    Membership Chair: Stephen Li – [email protected]
    Campus Engagement Chair: Eric Lin [email protected]

  • At MRS, we try to engage undergraduates in the Materials Science & Engineering department to be more aware of available research and job opportunities and otherwise facilitate interactions between students and professionals in industry and academia.

    Advisors: Howard Katz ([email protected]), Patty McGuiggan ([email protected]) and Orla Wilson ([email protected])

    President – Joanna Maressa ([email protected])

    Vice President – Jenna Carton ([email protected])

    Treasurer – Ben Rickey ([email protected])

    Communications Specialist – Matt Lee ([email protected])


  • The mission of the Materials Graduate Society (MGS) is to focus on the
    advancement of materials scientists and researchers at the graduate and post-graduate
    level. Through professional and social development events, our graduate student
    organization will strive to improve department camaraderie, academic excellence, and
    professional advancement for future scientists. The MGS aims to not only build lifelong friendships but a solid professional
    network, along with the opportunity for those involved to expand their communication,
    social, and networking skills for the workforce upon graduation.

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