JHU Materials Science was–and likely still is–full of people with contagious enthusiasm about materials science who were generous in sharing knowledge, ideas, time, and opportunities.

Rose Thun

Rose Thun, BS 1990

Rose Thun (BS 1990), attended the Department’s Alumni Reception on April 17, 2015, where she observed some of the Senior Design projects undertaken by the Class of 2015.

“Berit [Goro] and I marveled at the good work your students did and wondered if we’d have graduated if the program was as stringent when we went through.”

Thun carries a number of fond memories from her time in the Department, including “the excitement of being the largest incoming class ever, with three of us,” and Professor Pond’s “paper clip bending and crystallization demonstrations that held rapt attention of lacrosse players and all of the freshman in his workshop class.” She reserved some of her highest praise for Professor Robert Cammarata.

“Dr. Cammarata was a new professor and had this wonderful sense of humor and way of simplifying complex information. He taught us with so much energy. He delegated nothing to teaching assistants. This was so rare compared to my classes.”

3D-printed bowls

3D-printed bowls

Amplituhedron cufflinks

Amplituhedron cufflinks

Thun currently works in software development. In her spare time, she designs and creates 3D printed objects. Some of her designs are inspired by materials science, including amplituhedron objects and an allotrope bowl. She started using 3D printing in the late 90s for aerospace-related work.

“I had to beg the industrial printers to run my prints after hours/on the side before Shapeways and the service bureaus came on the scene and before I got my own printer.”

Rose Thun graduated with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering in 1990. Visit Design Rosetta to view more of her 3D-printed designs.

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