Materials Graduate Society

The mission of the Materials Graduate Society (MGS) is to focus on the
advancement of materials scientists and researchers at the graduate and post-graduate
level. Through professional and social development events, our graduate student
organization will strive to improve department camaraderie, academic excellence, and
professional advancement for future scientists.

The MGS aims to not only build lifelong friendships but a solid professional
network, along with the opportunity for those involved to expand their communication,
social, and networking skills for the workforce upon graduation.


The Materials Graduate Society Executive Board

President: Aliya D. Carter, 3rd Year
Adviser: Jonah Erlebacher

Vice President: Adam B. Peters, 3rd Year
Adviser: James Spicer

Treasurer: Alyssa Chuang, 3rd Year
Adviser: Jonah Erlebacher

Secretary: Peter Lile 4th Year
Adviser: Tim Mueller

Philanthropy Chair: Bella Hunt
Adviser: Jim Spicer

International Representative: position currently unfilled


Annual Events and Programs

Inter-Departmental Halloween Social
Date: October 26, 2018
Jointly planned with the JHU Mechanical Engineering Department (MEGA)

Materials Science & Engineering Department Holiday Party
Date: January 25, 2019

Second Annual Prospective Student After-Hours Social
Date: February 22, 2019

GRO Summer Intramural Sports Program
Date: Summer 2019

Qualifying Exam Celebration
Date: Late January and August 2019

HampdenFest Toilet Bowl Racing Team
Date: Summer 2019
Funded for the first time in 2018 by the DMSE, materials science graduate
students designed and built a toilet bowl car for the HampdenFest Toilet Bowl
Race and won 3rd place overall with a special award for Best Use of Materials.

DMSE Suggestion Box
Enacted upon by the DMSE Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the suggestion
box will be an anonymous method for students, faculty, and staff to voice their
issues or concerns with the DMSE. This will be overseen by the Executive Board


Recurring Events

Dissertation Celebrations:

As students successfully complete the defense of their doctoral thesis the MGS
will informally meet at a local restaurant to celebrate the student.

Professional Development Night:

An opportunity for students to meet with coordinators from the JHU Career
Center or other professionals to learn how to strengthen their resume, cover
letter, and LinkedIn profile. A professional photographer will be available to take
professional pictures of the students and lab groups.

DMSE Hiking Day Trip:

Graduate students spend most of their time in indoor labs or office space, this
day trip will give students the opportunity to explore the beauty of Maryland.
Students, faculty, staff and significant others invited.


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