Research Project Highlight

“Deformation-Driven Dynamic Precipitation in Mg-Al alloys” by Suhas Eswarappa Prameela wins “Best Poster Award” at the 2019 Mach Conference

Suhas Eswarappa Prameela was awarded the best poster award at this years 2019 Mach Conference in Annapolis Maryland. Suhas’s research in Tim Weihs’ lab is focused on developing better lightweight armor materials for the US Army. Conventional heat treatment of Magnesium alloys causes long, thin intermetallic particles to precipitate throughout the alloy. These particles are often spaced far apart and offer little resistance to moving dislocations, leading to poor strengthening. By designing efficient thermomechanical processing routes, we show a high density of finely spaced precipitates with a more compact shape in Mg-9Al (wt%) alloy. They theorize that deformation enhances continuous precipitation through dislocation-assisted nucleation. With the collaboration of Michael Falk’s group, they show a massive reduction in nucleation barrier due to atmospheres of Al atoms around the Mg dislocations.



This DoD project investigates and characterizes the microstructural evolution of magnesium and magnesium alloys under high temperatures and severe plastic deformation. Electron backscatter detection, X-ray diffraction, and conventional microscopy are being used together with serial sectioning to study the microstructure of magnesium following thermo-mechanical processing.

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