Michael Falk to become Vice Dean of Undergraduate Education

April 7, 2017
Michael Falk

Michael Falk

Starting July 1, 2017, Materials Science and Engineering professor Michael Falk will assume the position of Vice Dean of Undergraduate Education. The position is part of the Dean’s Leadership Team and Executive Council. This new appointment will require Professor Falk to split his time, but he will still teach and pursue his research within the Materials Science and Engineering Department.


As the Vice Dean of Undergraduate Education for the Whiting School of Engineering, Professor Falk will be responsible for guiding how student advising is approached and how it supports the success of the undergraduates. He will also work to engage students in curricular innovations, provide support to faculty, and work to grow the educational outreach, particularly within the Baltimore Community.

Michael Falk joined Johns Hopkins University as a faculty member in 2008. In 1990, he received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Johns Hopkins University and received his master’s degree in computer science in 1991. In addition to doing computational materials science research, Professor Falk has been collaborating on education research on how students incorporate computing into their engineering learning. He is currently serving as PI on a $7.4M  National Science Foundation grant called STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools (SABES) that has served over 1,300 Baltimore students in the 2016/2017 school year. Michael Falk also serves on the Diversity Leadership Council and played an active role in encouraging the university to establish an office of LGBTQ Life.

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