Ian Hooley ’15, Q&A

May 13, 2015
Ian Hooley

Ian Hooley, B.S. 2015

What sparked your interest in materials science?

It was actually my organic chemistry lab professor my freshman year, Dr. Jane Greco, who suggested I look at the department based on my interests in solid-state physics and biological materials. I met with Dr. Hufnagel, who sold me immediately on the department.

Why did you choose Hopkins?

I chose Hopkins because I knew I wanted a school where I’d be able to do research and explore my interests, and the lack of a core curriculum really drew me in. I actually came in as a chemistry and biology double major, but materials science fitted my interests more.

What was your favorite class in materials science?

My favorite class was computation and programming for materials scientists and engineers. I landed an internship as a data analyst the summer after my freshman year because of the skills I learned from that class alone, so I am forever grateful to Dr. Falk.

Did you participate in any extracurricular groups?

Yes. I was the Secretary-General for the Hopkins Model United Nations Conference, a group of 180 Hopkins students. We run an annual conference for around 2,000 high school students from all over the world in which we simulate the real United Nations (in all of its functionality as well as inefficiency).

What are your plans after graduation?

I am going to be working as a consultant for McKinsey and Company, a global management consulting firm. I hope to be able to work on projects in their healthcare and high tech practices so that I can put my materials science knowledge to good use.

What will be your favorite memory from your time at Hopkins ?

I can’t really point to one favorite memory– I will always remember the random nights I stayed up way too late hanging out with my friends instead of studying, or the days spent hanging out on the beach listening to music during spring fair.

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