Hai-Quan Mao Awarded $2.1 Million NIH Grant

April 13, 2015

Hai-Quan MaoPlease join us in congratulating Dr. Hai-Quan Mao, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, who is the recipient of an NIH grant totaling nearly $2.1 million.

The research project, entitled “Shape Control and Transport Properties of DNA-Copolymer Micelles,” will focus on developing a new, generalizable method for synthesizing shape-controlled DNA micelles while providing a mechanistic understanding of shape-dependent transport properties of nanoparticles.

Through the use of experimental and computational strategies, this research has the potential to address a crucial knowledge gap in the engineering and delivery of DNA nanotherapeutics and establish a new paradigm that will accelerate the discovery and development of new DNA nanoparticle systems for efficient gene medicine delivery, particularly in service of cancer theranostics.

This project will involve collaboration with Dr. Jeff Wang at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Jordan Green at Department of Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Martin Pomper at Department of Radiology at Johns Hopkins, and Dr. Erik Luijten at Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University.

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