Student Profile
Ian McCue

Ian McCue, Ph.D. candidate

What I enjoy most about my research at Hopkins is the way I get to meld theory and application. I work in a lab where we study the fundamentals behind the fabrication and formation of porous metals. Our reason for studying the fundamentals, however, is to design exciting new materials and test them in real devices. One example is designing a low-cost and efficient catalyst for fuel cells in order to help them make it to the market and cut one of the largest contributions to global warming.

Ian McCue received his undergraduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 2010. He is now a Ph.D. student engaged in research in the lab of Professor Jonah Erlebacher. He is currently researching a novel dealloying technique to fabricate refractory nanostructures using molten metals instead of traditional electrolytes, with a focus on utilizing porous tantalum for capacitor applications and tungsten-based nanocomposites for structural materials.

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