Armen Melikian ’12

December 7, 2012

In our junior year, Materials Science and Engineering students are involved in a two-semester lab course.  The first semester covers mechanical properties of materials, such as strength, elasticity, and fracture mechanics. Here, Nicholas Williams and I are examining a fractured piece of metal that had been subjected to Charpie testing under a scanning electron microscope to inspect its fracture characteristics. By seeing the microscopic structure of a damaged material, we can better understand the processes by which a material undergoes different types of fracture. I have been fortunate to enjoy pursuing independent research under a faculty advisor for the past two years. I have been able to develop a field of study that addresses my own interests as a student and researcher, enabling me to see a project through from its inception to its completion and presentation.

Armen Melikian, BS 2012

Armen Melikian, BS 2012

Armen Melikian graduated with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering in 2012. He is currently pursuing an MS in Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia.

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