Yongqiang Cheng ’10

October 12, 2011

At Hopkins I found supportive and responsible supervisors, distinguished professors, helpful and efficient staff, and excellent students with diverse backgrounds and personalities. I have enjoyed not only the full support from my advisor on research topics of interest to me, but also intimate and fruitful interactions with group members and department colleagues. Most importantly I learned not only how to solve a particular problem, but how to identify problems that are worth solving.

Yongqiang Cheng, PhD 2010

Yongqiang Cheng, PhD 2010

Yongqiang Cheng worked with Professor Evan Ma on structural characterization and structure-property relationships of non-crystalline materials. He received the prestigious Clifford G. Shull Fellowship launching his independent research career at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he plans to synergistically apply neutron scattering and materials simulation techniques.

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