Research Project Highlight

Hybrid Diodes with High Speed and Current Density

An RF-ID circuit comprises a high -speed diode which can operate at frequencies of 13.54 MHz with a high rectification ratio. To lower the cost, it would be desirable to form the diode from printable organic and hybrid materials. However, the performance of such diodes has not been competitive with inorganic semiconductor diodes due to low carrier mobility, speed and carrier density. The Katz group has developed a series of diodes which can provide high maximum current density of 160 A cm-2 and which maintain maximum AC rectification up to 20 MHz. While the focus is on the application of organic semiconductor electronics to RFID tags, many other kinds of circuits can benefit from these new diodes.

hybrid diode 1hybrid diode 2hybrid diode 3

We demonstrated the fastest air-operable pn junction diodes yet reported, with frequencies high enough to be considered for radio frequency signal detection.

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