Students Spring 2024

Signs of Change

Imagine a day when people focus their smartphone cameras on a sign language speaker and have their gestures instantly translated…

No Ordinary Suture

PhD students Justin Opferman and Yaning Wang developed the Glow and Sew fluorescent suture to help improve surgical outcomes.

Advocating for Students With Disabilities

Undergraduate Ikshu Pandey strives to assist other students with disabilities and neurodegenerative conditions in both her academic work and through her extracurricular activities.

A Primate-Proof Monkey Bar

Hopkins Engineering student, Greg Wulffen, designed an EKG tool for chimps at the Maryland Zoo

Trauma Response

Doctoral student Lidia Al-Zogbi created an autonomous system that can alert doctors to a hemorrhage via ultrasound and initiate diagnostics.

Acoustic Aviary

Using sensory systems, embedded processing, and machine learning, Hopkins undergrads are learning about avian life on campus.