Impact Spring 2024

Turning Manure Into Fuel

Chemicals—from antibiotics used to keep livestock healthy to pesticides that shield crops from insects—play an important role in modern agriculture….

Reimagining a Quieter Drone

The FAA receives thousands of complaints every year about the loud buzzing produced by drone propellers slicing through the air….

Bright Ideas in Cellular Dynamics

Scientists have long known that the cell membrane—the thin layer surrounding each cell—plays a crucial role in cell activities and…

Tech Tools

‘Turning the Tide Against Superbugs’ Calling all superbug slayers! Meet RoboDrop, the miniature terminator dishing out droplet combos to decimate…

Clearer Predictions for River Flood Damage

Gonzalo Pita, an expert on natural disaster risk modeling, has developed a reliable and affordable way for governments to estimate expected damage from river floods.

Pitch-Perfect Vocals

Diff-Pitcher seamlessly corrects out-of-tune singing while maintaining the original vocal timbre and naturalness.