A Trio of New Chairs

Winter 2015

Three new department chairs—in Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Materials Science and Engineering—started their tenures
at the Whiting School on July 1.

FULL Younes-AMSLaurent Younes, the new chair in Applied Math and Statistics, is an expert in the statistical properties of Markov random fields, image analysis, shape recognition, and deformation analysis.



FULL Etienne-Cummings-Ralph Etienne-Cummings, the new chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering, studies computational sensors, neuromorphic engineering, mobile robotics, legged locomotion and neuroprosthetic devices.



FULL Erlebacher, Jonah

Jonah Erlebacher, who took the helm in Materials Science and Engineering, has a secondary appointment as a professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and studies non-equilibrium materials and processing, mesoporous metals and composites, and the manufacture and characterization of nanostructured materials.