Summer 2014

Fillppone photo crop3

Stephen Filippone, a senior in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, is the recipient of a prestigious 2014-2015 Gates Cambridge Scholarship. The award, which underwrites the cost of a graduate degree in any fi eld at the University of Cambridge, recognizes students whose work has the potential for social/philanthropic impact. Filippone will pursue an MPhil in physics, studying the efficiency of conjugated polymer solar cells.


Ivan Kuznetsov, a sophomore in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, has been awarded a 2014 Goldwater Scholarship. This award supports undergraduates with exceptional promise for a research career in STEM fi elds. Kuznetsov was awarded a Westgate Scholarship upon admission to Johns Hopkins, and he arrived with significant research experience. He will pursue an MD/PhD with a focus on biomechatronics.