A Tuition Break for Alumni and Students

Summer 2009

Beginning this fall, Hopkins undergraduates and alumni pursuing full-time master’s degrees in engineering at the Whiting School of Engineering will receive a 50 percent tuition grant.

Under the new Dean’s Fellowship program, the tuition break is available to any alum who earned his/her undergraduate degree on the Homewood campus and is accepted into a full-time engineering master’s degree program. Also eligible are full-time students enrolled in combined bachelor’s/master’s degree programs, which are typically completed in five years. The tuition break would apply to the fifth year of study.

“We have excellent engineering undergraduates at Johns Hopkins, and we’d like to encourage them to stay here and get their master’s as well,” says Dean Nick Jones. “We also want our students and alumni to be successful in their professional careers, and a master’s degree can give them an important competitive edge in a challenging job market. With the fellowship, we’re trying to make it easier for those who are already part of the Johns Hopkins family to obtain these degrees.”