Mechanics of MaterialsMechanics of Materials

This program provides a comprehensive research and educational platform for theoretical, computational and experimental studies in the field of Mechanics of Materials.

Multi-scale, multi-physics and probabilistic modeling of materials and structures form the basis of this concentration area and bridge the gap between fundamental sciences and engineering applications. Learn More >





The role of a structural engineer today involves a significant understanding of both static and dynamic loading. Like the rest of Civil Engineering, mechanics is at the core of this research.

The program’s key strengths include Earthquake Engineering, Stochastic Mechanics and Structural Reliability, Optimization of Design Structures, and Cold-Formed Steel Structures. Learn More >





The Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering is a multi-disciplinary research center which seeks to re-engineer entire systems of national importance, including medicine, health care delivery, information security, national infrastructure, and education.

Students use modeling and simulation to study the performance of such complex systems and calculate the effect of changes. Learn More >


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