Graduation Deadlines and FAQs

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!  Please familiarize yourself with all the very important information below.

  • You will find the deadlines for master’s completions on this page:  Go to the right column, and click on “Master’s Degree Completion Instructions and Deadlines”

  • Please check your transcripts and ensure that you have taken and passed the following required courses. On occasion, these courses don’t show up on transcripts and if they aren’t showing up, this needs to be corrected with the Registrar’s Office.

    AS.360.625   Responsible Conduct of Research (if applicable)

    EN.500.603  Academic Ethics

  • You MUST also complete an Application to Graduate.  You can do this in SIS. The deadline to apply is posted on the Registrar’s website at If you have additional questions about the application to graduate, you can contact Ms. Jen McKay ([/panel]

  • When you have alerted the Academic Program Coordinator of your plans to complete the degree requirements, you will be added to the department’s Expected to Graduate List (ETGL). Once this happens, and it’s transmitted to the Registrar’s Office, it will trigger the Registrar’s Office and/or Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs to contact you in time for participation in the spring hooding ceremony, and commencement activities.  You will be provided information about purchasing regalia, etc.  You can also find information about regalia here. Please respond to emails from the Registrar’s Office and/or Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs promptly.

  • Please note that you must discuss any plans to switch to part-time status with your advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies (Prof. Jamie Guest).  Civil Engineering students are only eligible to enter part-time status in their fourth and final semester, and must meet additional eligibility requirements.  The student is responsible for the cost of tuition while part-time.   For more information on tuition rates, click here.  International students must also seek approval through the Office of International Services.  Please contact Lisa Wetzelberger for more information on the process.

  • All electronic thesis submission fees, binding fees (for thesis-track master’s students) and the cost of renting or purchasing regalia are the responsibility of the graduating student.

  • If you have additional questions, please contact the Civil Engineering Academic Program Coordinator, Lisa Wetzelberger.


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