Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Please familiarize
yourself with all the very important information below.

Important Information for Graduating Students

Typically, doctoral students coordinate with their advisor and the other committee members to find a suitable date and time for their defense.

You must be registered in the semester in which you plan to graduate. This means that either your advisor will pay the tuition for this semester, or you can file for Deferral of Tuition if you plan to submit your dissertation in time for the grace period deadline. If you need to defer your tuition, please complete the appropriate form and bring it to the department’s academic program coordinator.

Deferral Forms: Fall Spring

You will find the various deadlines for thesis submission on the Graduate Board website.

Once you and your thesis committee have decided on a date and time, please send the following information to the Academic Program Coordinator.

  1. Date and time for your defense. We will reserve a suitable conference room for you.
  2. Title of your thesis
  3. Abstract
  4. Names of your 3 readers/thesis committee members.

While a thesis committee may occasionally have more than 3 members, it is department policy that only 3 committee members will be listed on the Readers’ Letter. These are the 3 names needed by the academic program coordinator.


Send a copy of your thesis to each committee member/reader.

Please check your transcripts and ensure that you have taken and passed the following required courses. On occasion, these courses don’t show up on transcripts and if they aren’t showing up, this needs to be corrected with the Registrar’s Office.

AS.360.625 Responsible Conduct of Research

EN.500.603 Academic Ethics

Instructions for submitting your thesis electronically

The doctoral student is responsible for the cost of the submission fee.

Additional instructions/information can be found on the Graduate Affairs website (scroll down to Doctoral Dissertation).

Note that online ETD submission requires you to identify the “Chair of your Thesis Committee”. This is your advisor.

You are welcome to print out copies of the thesis for the Thesis Committee members on the department printer in the main office.

No bound copy is required by the department. Check with your advisor to find out if he/she requires a bound copy for his/her records. The doctoral student is responsible for the cost of binding. Here are some websites that provide binding of theses:

Thesis on Demand
Kansas Bindery

Once you submit your thesis, you will receive 2 separate confirmation emails from the Library. The first will indicate that your “Thesis has been received”. The second email indicates that your thesis has been ACCEPTED. Once you received the “accepted” confirmation, please forward this email to Elena Shichkova. This email is required to process the conferral paperwork.

You MUST also complete an Application to Graduate. You can do this in SIS. The deadline to apply is posted on the Registrar’s website. If you have additional questions about the application to graduate, you can contact Liam Whalen.

When you have alerted the Academic Program Coordinator of your plans to complete the degree requirements, you will be added to the department’s Expected to Graduate List (ETGL). Once this happens, and it’s transmitted to the Registrar’s Office, it will trigger the Registrar’s Office and/or Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs to contact you in time for participation in the spring hooding ceremony, and commencement activities. You will be provided information about purchasing regalia, etc. You can also find information about regalia here. Please respond to emails from the Registrar’s Office and/or Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs promptly.

Information on the Hooding Ceremony

  • Before leaving, please be sure you clean out your desk and return any keys to Carla Diaz to get your deposit back.
  • Ensure that you have returned all books to the library.

All electronic thesis submission fees, binding fees and the cost of renting or purchasing regalia are the responsibility of the doctoral student.

If you would like to obtain a non-terminal MSE degree while being a PhD student:

  1. Make sure you met the requirements for the program – MSE in Civil or MSE in Systems  
  2. Fill out the “paper” application for graduation (ask Sr. Academic Program Coordinator) and submit it through SEAM – Records and Registration – Inquire or apply for graduation – Request Support (Blue Button)
  3. Fill out the ETGL Form in order to be added to the department’s Expected to Graduate List. The list will be transmitted to the Registrar’s Office. After you completed the form and the application, you will be provided with the certification form for your review. The list and the certification form will be transmitted to the Registrar’s Office
  4. Attend the WSE Master’s Degree Ceremony

If you have additional questions, please contact the senior academic program coordinator.