A photo of Lori Graham-Brady.

Effective August 1, Lori Graham-Brady, professor in the Whiting School of Engineering’s (WSE) Department of Civil and Systems Engineering (CaSE) will serve as the vice dean for faculty for WSE. 

Graham-Brady has served in many leadership roles, including as chair of CaSE, where she helped lead the department’s transformation into the expanded and refocused Department of Civil and Systems Engineering in 2019. She currently holds positions as associate director of the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI), director of the Army Research Lab-funded Center on High-throughput Materials Discovery for Extremes (HT-MAX), and director of the university’s Center on AI for Materials in Extreme Environments (CAIMEE).  

Graham-Brady has also served as the former director of the Center for Materials in Extreme Dynamic Environments (CMEDE) and has led the development of a new facility related to AI for Materials Design (AIMD). From 2008 to 2016, she directed a program under the National Science Foundation’s flagship training program, Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT), for 25 PhD students from six departments, with nearly 50% participation by women, first-generation college students, or members of STEM underrepresented minorities.   

Graham-Brady’s research, which spans stochastic mechanics and multiscale materials modeling, has garnered significant funding from various agencies, including the Army Research Labs for implementing multiscale modeling and design of materials for extreme dynamic environments, with particular application in protection materials. 

“With the scale of growth projected for the school, particularly in the number of additional faculty members we will be hiring over the next five years, Lori’s role will be critical in securing top-notch candidates, ensuring their seamless transition into faculty positions within the school, and fostering their success through targeted professional development programs,” said Ed Schlesinger, Benjamin T. Rome Dean of WSE. 

“I’m excited for the opportunity to influence the future of WSE. By helping to recruit the very best faculty and nurturing their growth and advancement, we can continue to ensure that Johns Hopkins maintains its reputation for having the finest educators, scholars, and leaders in the field of engineering,” said Graham-Brady.