Craig Schwitter ’89, an accomplished alumnus of Johns Hopkins University Civil Engineering, and Kristen Corlay Sanmiguel ‘24, a current senior in Civil and Systems Engineering (CaSE), embody the university’s commitment to advancing sustainable practices in engineering and urban development. Their dedication to sustainability has also landed each of them in the latest issue of JHU Engineering Magazine profiling their efforts. 

As a senior partner and global board chair at Buro Happold, a leading global engineering and advisory practice, Craig Schwitter is a trailblazer in integrating engineering, architectural design, and cutting-edge technology to enhance people’s lives. A staunch advocate for sustainability, Schwitter’s projects, such as New York City’s High Line, the “breathable” bank building in Pittsburgh, and Singapore’s Changi Airport’s Jewel, exemplify his dedication to the Net Zero movement. His approach emphasizes collaboration and considers every aspect of a project’s impact on communities, from health and the local economy to climate change. In recognition of his contributions to engineering, it’s worth noting that Schwitter is set to join CaSE’s departmental advisory board in the spring, further showcasing his commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability.  

Kristen Corlay Sanmiguel, a CaSE senior majoring in civil engineering, brings a visionary perspective to sustainable urban development. Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, Corlay Sanmiguel has demonstrated her commitment to improving communities through various initiatives, such as leading an undergraduate engineering undergraduate team to a top-five spot in the American Society of Civil Engineers Sustainable Solutions Competition, where she demonstrated her dedication to creating sustainable city blocks that consider both the environment and community well-being. Her achievements also include winning the 2022 Walt Disney data and analytics competition for her research on resilience and earthquakes in Mexico City and how they impact residents’ economic stability.  

Both CaSE’s Schwitter and Corlay Sanmiguel represent the importance of sustainability as a guiding principle—at all levels, from student and professional—to shape the future of engineering and urban development. 

To hear more on the topic of sustainability from our distinguished alumnus, Craig Schwitter, join us for CaSE’s upcoming Carroll Lecture on March 27 at JHU’s Homewood campus. Visit our Lecture webpage for more details.