Students pose with Evergreen Museum & Library’s interim director and curator Sylvia Eggleston Wehr (center). To the left is the stream channel. In the background, obscured, is the current bridge. (Photo and caption courtesy of Amy Mulvihill)

As their final project, students in Rachel Sangree’s bridge engineering class were tasked with a real-life dilemma – redesign an ailing pedestrian bridge on the property of the JHU Evergreen Museum.

Earlier in the semester, students visited the museum to meet with their ‘client’ and to view the bridge, take measurements, and experience the surrounding area. They then returned to the classroom and presented their designs to members of the Evergreen Museum team on December 14th.

The class meets in Evergreen Museum & Library’s Bakst Theatre before visiting the bridge. Ben Renwick, Evergreen’s Facilities & Operations Coordinator, (left) and Blair Scarbath, Evergreen’s Groundskeeper, (right), address the class.
(Photo and caption courtesy of Amy Mulvihill)

Students examine the site and measure the bridge. (Photo and caption courtesy of Amy Mulvihill)

This bridge engineering class explores bridge design and analysis by studying local bridges of various forms, materials, and load demands. Topics include an overview of the history of bridge engineering, an introduction to the AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, analysis techniques and load ratings, bridge details, and substructure design.