Welcome to the Department!

We are thrilled that you will be joining us this fall and know that you have questions, so we’ll try to answer them as best we can.

Important message for new JHU international students

  1. Download the New Graduate Student “To Do” Checklist.
  2. TRANSCRIPTS:Now that you’ve accepted our offer, you will need to contact your institution to have your academic transcripts sent directly to the Office of Graduate Admission. Admitted students have until the end of their first semester at JHU to submit their official transcript with degree conferral. We prefer digital transcripts sent via email to [email protected].

    Requesting a digital copy is (in most cases) available to applicants who have received their degree from a US institution. For those applicants where digital copies are not available/offered, we will accept either a mailed copy (sent in their fully sealed, institutional envelopes) or an email from the university’s registrar. Please be aware that any transcripts submitted by the student are considered unofficial – this includes an email from the student, or a mailed copy where the transcript is not in an institutional envelope.

    The Whiting School requires official copies sent directly from the institution. If your institution does not offer digital transcripts, you can mail documents to:

    Graduate Academic Affairs
    Engineering Graduate Admissions
    Wyman Park Building, 3rd Floor West
    3400 N. Charles Street
    Baltimore, MD 21218

    We understand that with COVID, schools are closed and/or operating at a different capacity. If you are not able to provide official transcripts by mail or email (as described above) due to the ever-changing COVID climate, then we will absolutely work with you. Any extensions or alternate solutions will be discussed and provided on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Wait to be contacted by the Registrar’s Office, Student Health & Wellness Center and the Office of International Services (for international students).

All new graduate students must meet the University’s pre-entrance health requirements by providing proof of immunity to certain communicable diseases prior to registration.

Before arriving at Johns Hopkins you must do the following:

  • Download, print and send the Student Health and Wellness Center a paper copy of your immunization information signed by your health care provider.
  • Enter the immunization information into your electronic health record using the “SH&WC Web Portal.”

For detailed information and instructions for completing these requirements, please visit the Student Health & Wellness Center.

Submission Deadline

You must submit your Pre-Admission Health form by – July 15

Failure to submit these forms will render your ineligible to register for classes or use the on-campus Student Health and Wellness Center.

If you require any vaccines or screening tests to determine immune status, they can be administered at the Student Health and Wellness Center, at a cost of a US $100 Health Form Completion Fee plus the cost of each vaccine or screening test.

Those who have the University insurance plan can receive the vaccines at reduced rates, but antibody testing is not covered by the plan. Please direct your questions regarding these requirements to the Student Health and Wellness Center at +1-410-516-8270.

Health Insurance

All students MUST have health insurance. Domestic students must either purchase the University plan or provide proof of current health insurance and complete a waiver form. International students ARE REQUIRED to purchase the University’s plan. The Department may be covering part or all of the cost of the insurance, so check your offer letter to see. But you will still need to sign up for the insurance as instructed on the Health Insurance website. Information on the student health insurance plans can be found on the Consolidated Health Plans (CHP) website.

Orientation is an opportunity for new full-time graduate students to become acquainted with the Homewood campus, services and policies, departments and colleagues. Prior to the start of the fall semester, graduate students are expected to attend both departmental and division-wide orientations which are planned to be held remotely in August, 2020.

All incoming WSE graduate students will be sent access and requirement information about the required online orientation.

There is a mandatory Academic Ethics module and quiz embedded in the online orientation which is part of every graduate student’s degree requirements and must be completed with a passing grade. You will see the course EN.500.603 added to your SIS enrollments; do not drop this course!

Finding a Place to Live

The University’s Off-Campus Housing office can help you find a home, give advice on securing a lease, and connect with potential roommates.

Off-Campus Housing Listing Database: this normally requires your JHED ID but until that’s issued, you can request access as a “Guest.” Visit the Guest Registration page for instructions to request access.

What are all these HOLDS on my SIS account?
Once you get access to SIS (Student Information System) you’ll start to notice Holds on your account. There are various reasons for these holds and some of them can’t be resolved until you arrive. But if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the Academic Program Coordinator.

  • Advisor Hold: You will not be able to register for any classes until you have met with your advisor upon arrival. He/she will release the Advisor Hold at that time.
  • Financial Hold: Check to ensure you have paid your tuition and/or health insurance costs. If you know that you’re partially- or fully-covered and there is still a financial hold on your account – don’t panic! They place these holds on the accounts long before we have a chance to upload the budget information into SIS. If you are partially-funded, just pay the portion you know you will owe. Consult your offer letter for details.
  • Health Clearance Hold: Have you completed the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements and uploaded your medical clearance? If not, go to the Student Health & Wellness Center website and consult the instructions.
  • Missing Local Address: As soon as you have your new address in Baltimore, it is advisable to update this information in SIS.
  • Missing Perm Phone Number: As soon as you obtain a local mobile phone number, it is advisable to update this information in SIS.
  • Visa Check-In: For international students. (more information to come on this)

I received funding but got a bill. Why?

The Student Accounts (billing) Department usually runs the first bills for tuition and fees in July. For those of you who are receiving full funding, please note that we usually haven’t had a chance to get the budget numbers into the system that early, so don’t panic if you get a bill!! Likewise, this applies to those who are getting partial funding. Just pay the portion you know that you are responsible for. For those who did not receive fellowships, we are sorry that we cannot provide funding to everyone, but there are options. You can find information at the JHU Graduate Students’ Financial Aid website. Upon arrival on campus, you can seek out TA or grading positions with instructors; however, we cannot provide you with any information at this time as to what might be available this fall.

When will I be assigned an Advisor?
Doctoral Students: If your letter did not specifically name your advisor, you’ll be assigned a nominal advisor who will guide you in taking classes and choosing your permanent advisor. In the meantime, you can direct questions about the program, courses, or research to the Director of Admissions, Prof. Ben Schafer or to the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. James Guest.

Master’s Students: Your advisor will be Prof. Cristopher Moen.

When can I register for classes?
We encourage you to take a look at what courses are being offered this semester in SIS, however, registration does not open for new graduate students until late July. Doctoral students are not be permitted to register for classes until you have arrived and had a chance to meet with your nominal advisor. Your advisor, at that time, will lift the “hold” on your SIS account to allow you to register. You may find that you have been auto-enrolled in certain required courses in the meantime however. Master’s students can email Prof. Cris Moen to discuss registering for classes prior to arrival.

When Will I Get My I-20?

Once you have uploaded your Intent to Enroll form, the department submits the admissions package to the Graduate Admissions office, who after processing sends them to the JHU Office of International Services (OIS).

You will receive an e-mail with instructions on completing an electronic form that will also ask for a copy of your passport identification page, documentation on how you are funding your study (if needed) and, if appropriate, information on any dependents that will accompany you.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for the record transfer and e-mail notification process. This e-mail will also provide instructions on how to arrange for shipment of your I-20. Estimated costs of attendance can be found on the OIS website. Questions on immigration or visa issues should be addressed to OIS at [email protected] or +1-667-208-7001.

The completion time of the I-20 process may be from 3 to 6 weeks.

F-1 and J-1 Student Check-In (online)

Newly admitted students will be contacted by email regarding the check-in process. Check-in processes may vary by school. Students who are asked to upload copies of their immigration documents can refer to the SEVIS Check-In Document Upload Instructions for more information. If you still have questions for the Office of International Services, check out their website for more information.

How do I obtain a JHED ID and email address?

  • Your record will be uploaded into SIS (Student Information System) in May. At this time, New grads will be directed to the student portal to create your JHED password and email account.
  • International Students and anyone who did not submit an SSN are assigned and emailed “988” Government ID number (SSN) within 48 hours of student record creation.
  • Please set up your JHU email address as soon as possible. Please send Debbie Lantry a quick email to let her know your new email address.
  • DID YOU KNOW? You don’t have to live with the email address you’re assigned! If you’ve been assigned an email like [email protected] and you want something a little more personal, you can set up an “Alias”. Here’s how.

Download the Student and Employee Data form and return it via email to Debbie Lantry. DO NOT include your social security number as it may not be secure sending it through gmail or another email server. We can look that up in the system.

During our department orientation, you will be given a Confirmation of Campus Employment form which will be specific to you.

You will make an appointment with Student Employment Services in Garland Hall to complete the I-9 process. They will require the Confirmation of Campus Employment form and proper identification. International students should take their I-20, passport and visa. They will help you complete tax forms and, for international students, the Foreign National Information Form. They will also tell you how to apply for Direct Deposit.

The first pay date for doctoral students will be September 15.

PhD Mentoring Policies and Resources

JHU Mentorship Commitments of Faculty Advisors and PhD Students outlines mentoring expectations of faculty advisors and of PhD students in support of the mission of excellence in PhD education at Johns Hopkins.

If you have questions or concerns related to your faculty advisor, please contact Michael Shields, Director of Graduate Studies, at [email protected].