When: Oct 17 2019 @ 12:00 PM

Behavior of Structural Stainless Steel Members and Connections
Huanxin Yuan – Associate Professor, Wuhan University, China
Stainless steel is gaining increasing usage in the construction industry owing to its excellent corrosion resistance, durability and aesthetic appeal. It is thus an attractive choice for structural applications exposed to aggressive environments, as well as where aesthetics is a key design factor. This talk provides the basics of stainless steel materials that cover existing structural application examples and mechanical properties. In view of the material non-linearity and other disparities between stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel, experimental, numerical and analytical studies on behavior of structural stainless steel members and connections have been conducted, involving welding residual stresses, buckling of columns and flexural members, static and cyclic performance of bolted connections. This talk will present a summary of results and findings from recent research projects focusing on structural stainless steel, which enables better understanding and development of reliable and efficient design methods.
Dr. Huanxin Yuan is an Associate Professor in Structural Engineering at Wuhan University, China, and he is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University. He completed his PhD from Tsinghua University in 2014, before which he visited Imperial College London for a year in 2013. Dr Yuan has completed several research projects on structural stainless steel funded by NSFC and NSFHB. He has published 20+ related journal and conference papers. He is a committee member of Technical Code of Stainless Steel Structures in China and also a member of ASCE/SEI Standards Committee of Stainless Steel Cold-Formed Sections Standards. His current research work involves buckling of structural members, beam-to-column connections, design and analysis of steel structures.
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