The below frequently asked questions (FAQ) provide procedures for basic computing needs. All of of these require a JHU network ID (JHED ID).

I have questions related to desktop computing – what do I do?

Please do the following in sequence:

  1. check the FAQ below
  2. ask your officemates
  3. ask your advisor, and if still unresolved –
  4. email WSE IT wsehelp at with a description of the problem, your name, location, and phone number. You may also check the JHU IT site.

How do I get on the JHU network?
Instructions for Ethernet and wireless connections are available at:

Ethernet (Most users should choose dynamic IP address)

Wireless (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, etc.)

How do I connect to the departmental printers?
You must be connected to the “hopkins” network to install the printers. Printer connection instructions are available for:

main office copier/printer: Mac | Windows

You can download the copier/printer drivers here.

3rd floor student lounge printer: Mac | Windows

You must use your JHED ID to connect to our network printers.

JHU will require you to change your password after a certain amount of time, and this will end your ability to print. To fix this, you will have to delete the WSE print server from your saved passwords (Keychain on Mac). Click here for detailed instructions.

How do I install Matlab?
JHU has a site license for faculty, staff, and students conducting research for grants. Follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the MathWorks site. Use your JHU email address.
  2. Login to your mathworks account and select ‘download latest products’. Chose to select all licensed products or you may select a subset of these (latest and prior versions).
  3. Chose online license verification option. Follow the steps on screen to download the Matlab products and run the installer. During the install process you will need to be connected to the internet and login to your mathworks account to validate your license.
  4. Renewal for existing Matlab users: In case you already have Matlab on your machine, please go to Matlab on your local machine, click on the ‘Help’ menu button, go to ‘Licensing’ or ‘Update Current License’.

How do I install Mathematica?
JHU has a site license for faculty, staff, and students conducting research for grants. Follow these steps:

  1. Email [email protected] to request a license and CC your research advisor so they can confirm that you are eligible for the license. Use “Mathematica License Request” in the subject line and the body of the email should say: “I am requesting a license for Mathematica. I am a graduate student in the Civil Engineering Department conducting research with Professor ______. My email account id is [email protected]
  2. You will receive an email from Wolfram with installation instructions.

How do I install Microsoft Office?
Go to the my JH portal and login with your JHED ID and password. Under the Technology Button, choose mySoftware and search for the software you need.

What about finite element software?
The department has access to a wide range of commercial finite software. See your research advisor for options.

What about other software?
If additional software is required for your research, the suggested procedure is:

  1. go to the Whiting School software site and use your JHED ID and password to download the respective software. If not found there,
  2. ask your research advisor. If your advisor determines you need to purchase the software, first check JHU mySoftware (under the Technology button on the myJH portal) to see if the university has a purchase agreement.

How do I get personal cloud storage?
Students and post-docs may use JH Box to share files or create personal web pages. JH box may be accessed from the portal.

How do I access journals from off-campus?
You must create a VPN connection to JHU before navigating to journals. VPN can be accessed from the my JH portal. Additional information may be found in the VPN Resource Center.

I can not connect to the internet on a machine that was previously capable. What do I do?

  1. check Ethernet cables and wireless signal and
  2. check if your officemates have the same problem. If not,
  3. reboot your machine.
  4. For ethernet connection, check your IP address (For mac’s: System Preferences:Network). If your IP address does not start with 128.220.58.* email WSE IT (wsehelp ‘at’ providing details, including your name, location, room number, port number (number on data jack your Ethernet cable is connected to), and the IP address shown.

I have a hardware problem. How do I get assistance?

Macs: Check the status of your warranty

If the machine is still covered, call Apple Service Support for assistance. For laptops, you may also go to the Genius bar at the Apple Store at Towson Town Center.

Windows: Check the status of your warranty and call support if covered.