Civil Engineering may be the world’s oldest engineering discipline, but it is far from static. While civil engineers continue to be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the structures and infrastructure systems that society relies upon, they must now do so in the face of new scientific and societal challenges – from climate change and its impact on natural resources and the frequency and severity of natural hazards, to population migration and an increasing understanding of the role that our built environment has had in sustaining societal inequities.

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Johns Hopkins views the built environment through a progressive lens — exposing students not only to traditional fields like geotechnical engineering and structural engineering, but also providing them with a  depth of knowledge in engineering mechanics and materials — preparing them for a future where traditional building materials in their traditional forms are no longer the optimal choice — and systems engineering — critical for the design and maintenance of infrastructure systems that are indispensable and increasingly interconnected in our modern civilization.

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A minor in Civil Engineering is available for both Systems Engineering majors and non-departmental majors who would like an overview of the principles of civil engineering.

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