Dr. Andrew Gaynor M.S.E. ’13, Ph.D. ’15 Excels as an Army Research Laboratory Research Apprenticeship Program Fellow

March 15, 2017

“For graduate school, I applied to Johns Hopkins almost on a whim, but ended up deciding to go there because of the unique and exciting experience it offered.”

As part of the Army Research Laboratory’s (ARL) Research Associateship Program, Department of Civil Engineering alumnus Andrew Gaynor works in ARL’s Weapons and Materials Research Directorate’s Materials Manufacturing Technology Branch, where he is involved in an applied-research program to develop topology-optimization algorithms for multifunctional–multimaterials components to be manufactured via additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing.

He is aiming to become an established researcher producing top-notch research that is recognized not only within the lab but nationally and internationally, so make sure to take a peek at his current projects and see how he’s utilizing his degrees to protect those who fight for our continued safety and freedom.

View Gaynor’s full profile at: http://www.orau.org/arlfellowship/profiles/gaynor.htm.

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