Materials for Medicine

Dr. Howard Katz's research group has developed a biosensor capable of alerting doctors to brain injuries that could occur during heart surgery.

Materials for Energy

Dr. Jonah Erlebacher's research group has developed improved fuel cell catalysts for use in automotive applications.

Materials for Strength

Dr. Todd Hufnagel's research group studies the dynamic behavior of materials to better understand material properties and aid in the development of stronger materials.

Our Research

Materials are crucial to the performance and reliability of virtually every technology and the vitality and health of any living organism. The central theme of materials science and engineering is that the process by which a material comes into being determines its structure, which in turn controls its properties and ultimately its functional performance.

The faculty and students in our department seek to improve the performance of existing materials, synthesize new materials, and understand materials in all of their roles, including in the functioning of biological organisms. Their research addresses a wide range of problems in materials applications.


Research Areas

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