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Tim Mueller

Faculty Q&A: Tim Mueller

Dr. Tim Mueller, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, discusses his research in computational materials science and energy-related technologies.

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The Power of Plastic

Plastic thermoelectrics so far have been inefficient at converting heat into electricity, partly because they need to be assembled in positive and negative current pairs. But now, Katz and his research team have come up with a new plastic formulation that is 10 times more efficient than reported options for the negative plastics.

metal lattices

Upstarts: Metallic Lattices

A trio of engineering researchers has invented a new architecture for 3-D woven metals that appears to hold great promise for aerospace parts, defense weapons, and other manufactured components.


The Need for Speed

In the months—and years—ahead, MARCC will help crunch numbers of some very big data sets to quickly and efficiently answer some of the biggest questions the world has to offer.

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