Materials Science Students Present For INBT Film Festival

July 26, 2013

Materials science students Gregory Wiedman, Nuala Del Piccolo, and Charles Hu presented videos as part of the Institute of NanoBioTechnology Film Festival held on July 24th in Remsen Hall.

The videos were the result of the Communication for Scientists and Engineers (EN670.609) course in the INBT graduate training program. The course, taught by Mary Spiro, is designed to teach students how to present science to non-technical audiences. Two teams presented at the film festival. The first team–which included John-Michael Williford, Gregory Wiedman, Gregg Duncan, and Nuala Del Piccolo–presented a film titled “What is Nanotechnology?” The second team–which included Herdeline Ardoña, Jason Lee, Jennifer Poitras, and Charles Hu–presented a film titled “What is Regenerative Medicine?”


What is nanotechnology?
What is regenerative medicine?


Gregory Wiedman studies Thermodynamics and Kinetics of peptide-membrane interactions and is interested in how that knowledge can improve the design of molecules for drug delivery.

Nuala Del Piccolo works in the Hristova lab and is focused on the thermodynamics of membrane proteins.

Charles Hu is developing a platform for stem cell encapsulation and medical imaging (MRI and CT) tracking based on microfluidics and various biomaterials to enhance its therapeutic efficacy.

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