3-D Lattices That Are Very Cool

Sometimes, materials just don’t behave the way you need them to. So some Whiting School of Engineering professors, including Prof. Jamie Guest, have gotten creative. By weaving metal threads into intricate patterns, they can make webby 3-D materials with unique properties.

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2016 Graduate Programs

Hear our graduate students talk about our MSE & PhD programs and student life at Johns Hopkins in a recorded info session!

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Bridging the Past

By looking back in time to study the evolution of covered bridges, Prof. Rachel Sangree equips students with wisdom they need to design structures of tomorrow.

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Systems Engineering

How can we better engineer hospital ICUs to improve safety for patients?

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Senior Design Students Use Skills on Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

Design project includes working with existing buildings to help develop an artist-in-residency community on the grounds of Fallingwater as well as restoring some of the function of the land as a farm.

2016 Senior Design Day Details

Center for Integrated Structure-Material Modeling & Simulation (CISMMS)

CISMMS is creating a collaborative, multidisciplinary research and educational program to foster foundational advances in computational modeling, simulation and design.

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Awards & Accolades

Preserving Lifesavers in the Wake of a Natural Disaster

Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland will split a National Science Foundation grant to build a model that exposes a community's vulnerabilities during a hurricane or an earthquake.

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Center of Excellence on Integrated Materials Modeling (CEIMM)

Operating under the leadership of Civil Engineering Prof. Somnath Ghosh, CEIMM fosters foundational advances in computational and experimental methodologies.

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