To Do” List

  1. Complete and submit Final Defense
  2. E-mail Submission Receipt and Dissertation Title
  3. Resolve Financial Obligations
  4. Apply for Graduation
  5. What Happens Later

1. Complete and submit final defense

You should work with your advisor and committee to select your final defense date. Please note that all final defense exams must be completed by the deadline stated here. It is suggested that you schedule your exams at least two – three weeks before the deadline to ensure that you have sufficient time to make any final edits before submitting. Once you have finalized a date kindly email Mia Brooms ([email protected]) your date, dissertation title and abstract (not the extended abstract).

2. E-mail Submission Receipt and Dissertation Title

D.Eng. students must submit their dissertation/final project to the library Electronic Theses & Dissertation (ETD) Office by the deadline, AND must receive the final approval email (not the initial submission acknowledgement email) from the ETD office NO LATER than the Friday following submission by close of business (5:00pm). Full details on deadlines can be found here.

Instructions for submitting may be found here, and the formatting page here.

3. Resolving Financial Obligations

Make sure that your financial obligations are paid, such as library fines or other bills owed. Your diploma will be withheld until your obligations are resolved.

4. Apply for Graduation

Apply for graduation online though your SIS account. Use this link for graduation application instructions and dates – (Kindly keep checking the site for the deadlines.) If you are unable to because of technical, administrative difficulties, or you missed the deadline you can submit the Paper Application for Graduation to the Registrar, which is in the basement of Garland Hall. Please note that late applications may delay receiving your diploma in time for Commencement.

5. What Happens Later

The Registrar will contact you about Commencement ceremony arrangements and to deliver your diploma.  Contact Amanda Bauer, Associate Registrar at [email protected] or 410-516-8080 for information.

The Johns Hopkins Commencement page provides info on commencement ceremonies. This will be updated periodically.  Contact the Commencement office at [email protected] or 410-516-7711 for information.

The Alumni Association will help with post-graduation services.  Check out these pages:

Your J-card access will end after your registration as a student ends unless you receive an appointment, like postdoc, to remain on campus.  Please contact the J-card office for information.