Current Research Projects

DEng cohort

Students in the Doctor of Engineering program pursue a wide variety of research areas. Some of the research projects currently under investigation include these:

Student NameDepartmentJHU Primary AdviserResearch Project
Peter GuApplied Mathematics and StatisticsTamas BudavariOptimizing Line of Sight Calculations and Placement of Line of Sight Reliant Sensors
Seth Myers Mechanical EngineeringKevin HemkerCombustion of Metal Fuels
Daniel Chew Electrical and Computer EngineeringBrint CooperWireless Security through Anomaly Detection
Jessica Degner Mechanical EngineeringRajat MittalElectronic Cooling using Zero Net Mass Flux Oscillating Jets: An Integrative Study
Random Gwinn Computer ScienceAviel RubinSide-channel Correlated Intrusion Detection System (SCIDS)
Nicholas Norena Acosta Mechanical EngineeringMarin KobilarovEnvironmental localization, mapping and guidance for visual prosthesis users
Raghav Ramachandran Applied Mathematics and StatisticsDaniel NaimanUnsupervised learning and analytical fusion for infectious disease surveillance
William KahleCivil and Systems EngineeringTakeru IgusaU.S Nuclear Triad
Edward Laird Electrical and Computer EngineeringTrac TranRF Neutral Net IPMS
James SchaffterComputer ScienceAvi Rubin Vurtualization-Based Resliency Approaches for Industrial Control Sytems 
Isaac WitteElectrical and Computer EngineeringRene Vidal AstroLABE
Lorna AlvarezMaterials Science and EngineeringJames SpicerModeling and Characterization of Optical Window Deformation at Extreme High Temperatures
Jason ConnollyMechanical EngineeringTamer ZakiNovel, Aft-Body Control Surface for High-Speed Maneuvering Vehicles
Ashley LlorensComputer ScienceRaman AroraRisk-Sensitve Learning for Mult-Agent Systems
Aaron  CarassElectrical and Computer EngineeringJerry Prince Multiple object segmentation and evaluation 
Jeremy GwinnupComputer ScienceKevin Duh Multimodal machine translation  (CV with NLP)
Brendan McNelly Mechanical EngineeringLouis WhitcombCan AUVs Replace Dolphins for Port Protection? At what cost? – Comparing one of nature’s most capable and autonomous underwater systems with maritime robotics to prototype and propose a dolphin replacement system
Amee Polk Materials Science and EngineeringTimothy Weihs Development and Characterization of Nontraditional Thermite Reactions
Mark Gasser Environmental Health and EngineeringSarah PreheimIdentification and environmental fate of extracellular materials (vesicles and nucleic acids) for bio-applications
Leon GonzalezComputer ScienceYinzhi CaoUsing machine learning for binary analysis
Paul HolzerBiomedical EngineeringJoshua C. DoloffThe therapeutic potential of interchangeable, functionally equivalent, and immune-compatible cross-species cells, tissues, and organs
Kathy KhaCivil and Systems EngineeringKimia GhobadiNovel integrated quantitative and qualitative methods for cost analysis of complex, long-term projects.
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