Current Research Projects

DEng cohort

Students in the Doctor of Engineering program pursue a wide variety of research areas. Some of the research projects currently under investigation include these:

  • Geospatial Semantic 3D Reconstruction
  • Analytics and Machine learning to secure the Internet of things
  • Simulating Illegal Crossing Behavior on the US Mexico Border
  • Social Influence and Winning In The Gray Zone: Social Media – The Newest Disruptive Technology
  • Combustion of Metal Fuels
  • Machine Learning for Human-Machine Teaming
  • Model development for the production, evolution, and decay of ocean velocity turbulence and scalar microstructure
  • Wireless Security through Anomaly Detection
  • Electronic Cooling using Zero Net Mass Flux Oscillating Jets: An Integrative Study
  • Side-channel Correlated Intrusion Detection System (SCIDS)
  • Environmental localization, mapping and guidance for visual prosthesis users
  • Unsupervised learning and analytical fusion for infectious disease surveillance
  • Cyber Resilient Autonomy
  • U.S Nuclear Triad (moved to slow escalation pathway)
  • RF Neutral Net IPMS
  • Virtualization-Based Resiliency Approaches for Industrial Control Systems
  • AstroLABE
  • Modeling and Characterization of Optical Window Deformation at Extreme High Temperatures
  • Novel, Aft-Body Control Surface for High-Speed Maneuvering Vehicles
  • Risk-Sensitive Learning for Multi-Agent Systems
  • Multiple object segmentation and evaluation
  • Multimodal machine translation (CV with NLP)
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