International Students

The Doctor of Engineering program is non-residential and is open to non-citizens.

Visa Information

To attend the semiannual DEng conferences, international students must use the F-1 (student) visa and must not use visitor visas.*

All visits to the United States in connection with this program require the F-1 visa.

The Office of International Services will coordinate F-1 visa documentation with the DEng program, but students will be responsible for obtaining their individual F-1 visas and ensuring that they have the proper documentation to enter the United States.

*Important: Use of a visitor visa or its equivalent (such as the ESTA visa waiver program) to enter the United States for any length of degree study is a violation of immigration law. Sanctions can include denial of entry to the United States or other penalties. It is important that students communicate with the Office of International Services at Johns Hopkins University and respond timely to any OIS message to follow proper visa and immigration processes and avoid difficulties.

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