Bachelor’s / Master’s Program

autumnThe Bachelor’s / Master’s Program is designed to enable exceptionally well-qualified  and highly motivated AMS undergraduates to fulfill the requirements for both degrees within five years.  The program is selective, with high standards for admission, because of the outstanding achievement and commitment required to complete it on schedule. Alternatively, students interested in the Master’s degree may pursue the traditional path of completing the Bachelor’s degree before beginning graduate study.


Interested students are encouraged to apply in the fall semester of their junior year, but must apply no later than November 1 of their senior year.


  • Fall Deadline

    The deadline for a fall application is April 1 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) for receipt of ALL application materials.

    Spring Deadline

    The deadline for a spring application is November 1 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5). for receipt of ALL application materials.


    To ensure timely consideration of your application, please complete the items in the following checklist at your earliest convenience.

    • Complete the online JHU APPLICATION, including statement of purpose.
    • Arrange for one letter of recommendation from a person familiar with your abilities and achievements, especially relevant to graduate study in applied mathematics, to be submitted electronically through the online application.
    • Arrange for unofficial transcripts of all undergraduate study to be uploaded into your online application.  Applicants who have attended non-US institutions are also encouraged to submit a professional credential evaluation with the unofficial transcripts.  If admitted, you will be required to submit your official final documents directly to Graduate Admissions.
    • GRE scores are not required, but may be submitted if you wish.


    Detailed information about application requirements can be found on the Graduate Admissions web site. If you have further questions, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office by using their contact form.


Students must complete all requirements for the undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, as well as the requirements for a) the M.A./M.S.E. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, or b) the requirements for the M.S.E. in Financial Mathematics.

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics allows students to use up to two 600-level or higher courses to satisfy both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree requirements. Additional information about the double-counting policy can be found at


Underclassmen thinking of applying to the combined program in the future should register for the 600-level offerings of courses if they may be needed toward Master’s degree requirements. 


Requirements for M.A. and M.S.E. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Requirements for M.S.E. in Financial Mathematics

Once admitted to the Bachelor’s Master’s program, students are required to meet with their AMS faculty advisor to plan a proposed Master’s program of study.  This completed form should be submitted to the Academic Program Coordinator after obtaining the advisor’s signature.

For students enrolled in the AMS Bachelor’s Master’s program prior to Fall 2016

AMS Bachelor’s Master’s Program Proposal Form – prior to Fall 2016

For students enrolled in the AMS Bachelor’s Master’s program as of Fall 2016 and later

AMS Bachelor’s Master’s Program Form – Fall 2016 and later

Students enrolled in the Financial Mathematics Bachelor’s Master’s program should see the Academic Program Coordinator for instructions.





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