Amitabh Basu Receives NSF Career Award

Assistant professor Amitabh Basu will use the NSF CAREER award to support his efforts to break new ground in the fundamentals of discrete optimization, a mathematical strategy to help solve large-scale decision-making problems.

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Vacant Housing Dynamics in Baltimore City

Working with City officials, our goal is to better understand the dynamics of vacant housing in Baltimore City, measure the impact of current interventions, and help to hone decision and policy making using statistical analyses of available data.

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Student Math Wizards Aim for the Fences With Baseball Scheduling System

Johns Hopkins students and faculty members have started tossing advanced math and powerful computing tools at the arcane art of planning baseball game dates.

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Mapping Fruit Fly Brains

It’s question that has been puzzling neuroscientists for nearly a century: How do patterns of activity in neurons generate behavior?

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To Dig or Not To Dig?

AMS works with National Park Service, NASA, and the Department of Defense on a new way to conduct archaeological research.

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1:30 pm Seminar: George Michailidis (Uni...
Seminar: George Michailidis (Uni...
Oct 8 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Change Point Inference for Time-varying Erdos-Renyi Graphs We investigate a model of an Erdos-Renyi graph, where the edges can be in a present/absent state. The states of each edge evolve as a Markov chain independently[...]
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