Here are a few resources mostly intended for my students and visitors, but available to anybody who finds them useful. The material presented here is, of course, made availabe without any explicit or implicit guarantee or warrant for correctness, completeness, currentness, or fitness for any particular purpose. It is, on the other hand, completely free and can be used for any purpose, in any context, without compensation or acknowledgement. However, if you do something interesting with the material an acknowledgement would be nice!

  • Bibtex File with journal papers, book chapters authored  byTryggvason and Ph.D. Dissertations supervised by him. Entires for some of his conference papers is  also included but it is  very incomplete.
  • Online lectures describing a relatively simple method to simulate the unsteady two-dimensional flow of two immiscible fluids, separated by a sharp interface, with implementation in matlab and python.
  • A fortran 90 code for 2D flow (in a zipped folder). The code allows different boundary conditions and initial interface configurations. It is a recent rewrite of an older code that has been used for results described in a number of publications. (Coming soon)
  • An outline for a short  “starter’’ paper and a zipped folder with a sample latex paper (based on a short paper from the group).