Professor Tryggvason has a longstanding interest in engineering education. While at the University of Michigan he chaired a departmental committee that developed plans for extensive curriculum changes (commonly referred to as the four by four by eight model) and as associate department chair he supervised the implementation of the new curriculum. The new Michigan curriculum is described in [1]. He also co-taught a new course on design and manufacturing [2] and served on a College committee that instigated a number of changes, including the introduction of a first year engineering course. 

At WPI, Prof. Tryggvason was one of three people responsible for the establishment of the first US undergraduate program in robotics engineering [8-13]. The program was an instant success, almost immediately becoming one of the larges engineering major on Campus. He was also involved in the introduction of joint degrees with oversees institutions, the introduction of a BA degree in liberal arts and engineering [4], and a course on Innovation and Entrepreneurship [14]. 

Tryggvason has participated in numerous meetings on engineering education and was the general chair of the ASME 2008 International Mechanical Engineering Education Conference. He has helped design and implement departmental assessment programs and overseen four ABET visits (two at the University of Michigan and two at WPI—all leading to six year accreditation). In addition, professor Tryggvason has written and given lectures on the future of engineering education. His JOM paper with Diran Apelian [6] has been reprinted in EEE Engineering Management Review and translated into Chinese. Most recently, he co-edited a book on engineering education [15] and contributed two chapters. The introductory chapter is available here.

Publications on Engineering Education

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