Ph.D. 2005, Stanford University
M.S. 2001, Stanford University
B.S. 1998, Pennsylvania State University

2013 – Present:  Associate Prof, Mech. Eng., Johns Hopkins
2013 – Present:  Reader, Mech. Eng., Imperial College London
2010 – 2012:  Senior Lecturer, Mech. Eng., Imperial College London
2006 – 2010:  Lecturer, Mech. Eng., Imperial College London

PhD students

Quinn Mitchell
BS-ME, Ohio University, 2019
Research Interests: Turbulence, high-speed flows, data assimilation
Yue Hao
B.E, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2017
Research Interests: large-eddy simulations, data assimilation, immersed boundary methods, turbo-machinery
Collaboration:  Prof. Charles Meneveau
Yifan Du
M.S, Purdue University, West Lafayette, 2018
B.E, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 2016
Research Interests: Large eddy simulations, wall turbulence, data assimilation
Ghanesh Narasimhan
M.Sc (Engg), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 2017
B.Tech, National Institute of Technology, Trichy, 2013
Research interests: Transition to turbulence, turbulent flows, magnetohydrodynamics, rotating flows
Collaboration:  Prof. Charles Meneveau
Mitchell Fowler (co-advised)
BSc, Kansas State University, 2017
Research Interests: turbulent flows, transition to turbulence, boundary layer modeling.
Collaboration: Prof. Charles Meneveau
Mengze_Wang Mengze Wang
BSc, Peking University, 2016
Research interests: Data assimilation, turbulent flows
Q_Wang Qi Wang
BSc, Peking University, 2014
Research interests: Parabolized stability equations, cross-flow instabilities, direct numerical simulations
J_You Jiho You
MSc, Carnegie Mellon, 20013
BSc, Yonsei University, 20012
Research interests: Wall-bounded turbulence, direct numerical simulations, high-performance computing

Post-Doctoral Researchers and Fellows

Dr David A. Buchta
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana—Champaign, 2016
Research interests: Simulation prediction, optimization, compressible turbulence, high-speed plasma-coupled combustion, multiphase aeroacoustics.
Dr Patricio Clark Di Leoni
PhD, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2017
Research interests: Turbulence, High Performance Computing, Data Assimilation, Geo-physical flows.
Collaboration:  Prof. Charles Meneveau
Dr Amir Esteghamatian
PhD, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, 2016
Research interests: Particle-laden flows,  Viscoelasticity, High performance computing.
Dr Zhao Wu
PhD, University of Manchester, 2017
Research interests: High-performance computing, conjugate heat transfer, laminar-turbulent transition, big data and CFD.
Collaboration:  Prof. Charles Meneveau
Dr Reza Jahanbakhshi
PhD, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2016
Research interests: Computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, compressible flows, transport phenomena.

Former PhD and visiting students

  • Nicholas Vaughan
  • Sandeep Saha
  • Laura Nicolaou
  • Luca Burini
  • Thomas Jelly
  • Akshat Agarwal
  • Philipp Hack
  • David Trevelyan
  • Jacob Page
  • Edward Smith
  • Sang Jin Lee
  • Jin Lee (KAIST – Korea)
  • Lars-Uve Schrader (KTH – Sweden)
  • Aiko Yakeno (University of Tokyo)

Former Post-Doctoral Researchers and Fellows

  • Dr Junho Park
  • Dr Vincent Mons
  • Dr Rikhi Bose
  • Dr Seo Yoon Jung
  • Dr Luca Biancofiore
  • Dr Olaf Marxen
  • Dr Edward Smith (Doctoral Prize Fellow)
  • Dr Philipp Hack (Doctoral Prize Fellow) 
  • Dr Kevin Nolan (Marie Curie Fellow)
  • Dr Lawrence Cheung (Marie Curie Fellow; Marshall Sherfield Fellow)