Graduate students

The group currently has available two PhD studentships.  These are supported in full, throughout the duration of the PhD.  Funding includes tuition, health insurance, stipend and other costs such as travel to major conferences. Applicants must have a very strong academic record and a keen interest in computational engineering.  A background in mechanical engineering, aeronautics, applied maths, physics, or related fields is required.

For further information about possible PhD positions, please contact Dr Tamer Zaki.

Post-doctoral researchers

• The group is currently inviting applications for a post-doc position in high-performance scientific computing and turbulence.  Candidates should send their CV to Dr Tamer Zaki.

• A post-doctoral research opportunity is available in collaboration with the University of Tokyo.  The researchers is expected to interface our group and our collaborators at the University of Tokyo and to spend extended periods in Japan.

• Post-doctoral researchers who wish to apply to external fellowship support in collaboration with our group should contact Dr Tamer Zaki.