Curriculum & Enrichment


The PK-8 project-based curriculum engages students in critical thinking, problem solving, and prototype development.  Throughout the program, students work in collaborative teams to solve real world problems by using the engineering design process.  By the time a student graduates from Barclay Elementary/Middle School they will have had 10 years of engineering experience prior to beginning high school.
Components include:

  • Engineering Is Elementary’s Wee Engineer – for PreK (coming in 2018!)
  • STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools (SABES) for grades K-5
  • IQWST Science for grades 6-8
  • Project Lead the Way Gateway to Technology for grades 6-8


Inquiry Based Field Studies:

Barclay students participate in content aligned, inquiry based, field studies where they’ll explore a science concept through real-world data collection and analysis.  Field Studies for 2017-2018 include:

  • 2nd Grade – Plant Science Experience at Cylburn Arboretum and Food Systems Lab.
  • 6th Grade – Space Exploration at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • 7th Grade – Stream Health and Investigation with Patapsco State Park.


Previous Field Study Experiences:

  • 6th Grade – Exploring Oceans and Climate with SciTech Labs.
  • 7th Grade – Stream Health Investigation with Patapco State Park.
  • 8th Grade – Explaining Forces and Motion with Roundtop Mountain Resort.


JHU Campus Visits:

Students in grades 3-8 are invited to the JHU campus to experience both academic and student life.  Faculty, staff, and graduate students from the Whiting School of Engineering and beyond, open their labs to Barclay classes for investigations, demonstrations, and engineering challenges.  Themes for the 2017-2018 JHU Campus Visits include:

  • 3rd Grade – Technology – Now & Then and HUSAM Applied Math Experience
  • 4th Grade – Sound Science in the Natural World
  • 5th Grade – Electrical & Computer Engineering and Center for BioEngineering Innovation and Design
  • 6th Grade – Environmental and Civil Engineering
  • 7th Grade – Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
  • 8th Grade – Biomedical Engineering Design Challenge with Clark Scholars


Barclay Campus Visit Highlights

Barclay Students Visit Homewood Campus for Lab Tour

Barclay 8th Graders Visit JHU for November Tour


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