Johns Hopkins University offers a Policy and Document Library where all university-level policies, statements, and guidelines are available. The primary policy we utilize is the Safety of Children in University Programs Policy.

Per JHU policy, staff, mentors, and volunteers for Center for Educational Outreach programs and activities must complete the following:

  1. Training for Child Safety
    Participants must complete this course on myLearning every two years.
  2. Release Forms
    FBI Privacy Act Statement, signed
    JHU Fingerprinting Authorization, signed
  3. Background Screen
    Non-Biometric screen. Per the current policy, results are good for two (2) for participation with CEO.


    Biometric screen, which requires fingerprinting with our local vendor, Bithgroup Technologies. Results are good for five (5) years for participation with CEO.



Our goal is to avoid volunteer/mentors being subjected to duplicate screens while in compliance with University policy. The Whiting School HR Office will make every effort to verify those previous results but we may require permission and assistance to do so.

If you were fingerprinted for a Maryland background screen within the last 365 days, JHU can obtain a copy of the results from Maryland CJIS with your permission. We will need you to sign an authorization form that provides additional information.

In accordance with the University policy, CEO requires that this course be completed every two (2) years. Whiting HR will verify when the candidate last completed the course. If that completion date falls within the (2) year window, this will satisfy the course requirement.