We gratefully acknowledge these funding sources that have enabled our research:

Ongoing Research Support

  • NIH R21CA263804 (PI: Venkataraman)
    Automated Presurgical Language Mapping via Deep Learning for Multimodal Brain Connectivity
    Project Dates: 09/01/21 – 8/31/23
    Total Funding Amount: $405,949,000
  • NIH R01EB029977 (PI: Caffo)
    Statistical Methods for Structural and Functional Integration in Multi-Modal Neuroimaging Data
    Project Dates: 08/01/21 – 7/31/25
    Total Funding Amount: $1,939,749 (Portion to NSA Lab: $590,000)
  • JHU Discovery Award (Joint PI: Faigle/Venkataraman)
    Harnessing Machine Learning to Optimize Stroke Critical Care Resource Use
    Project Dates: 05/01/21 – 04/30/22
    Total Funding Amount: $100,000
  • JHU Discovery Award (Joint PI: Marvel/Venkataraman/Rosenthal)
    Using Motor Imagery and Machine Learning-Based Real-Time fMRI Neurofeedback to Improve Motor Function in Cerebellar Ataxia
    Project Dates: 05/01/21 – 04/30/22
    Total Funding Amount: $100,000
  • GI Core Pilot Grant Program (PI: Venkataraman)
    AI for Neuro-GI: Developing an AI-Driven Software to Construct and Analyze the First Large-Scale Network Map of the Enteric Nervous System
    Project Dates: 04/01/21 – 03/31/22
    Total Funding Amount: $15,000
  • Malone Center Seed Grant (Joint PI: Venkataraman/Bush/Brown)
    A Deep Learning Approach to Continuously Forecast Postoperative Kidney Failure During Cardiac Surgery
    Project Dates: 01/01/20 – 12/31/21
    Total Funding Amount: $50,000
  • NSF CAREER 1845430 (PI: Venkataraman)
    Small Data in a Big World: Balancing Interpretability and Generalizability for Data Integration in Clinical Neuroscience
    Project Dates: 02/15/19 – 01/31/24
    Total Funding Amount: $500,006
  • NSF CRCNS 1822575 (PI: Venkataraman)
    Discovering Network Structure in the Space of Group-Level Functional Differences
    Project Dates: 10/01/18 – 09/30/23
    Total Funding Amount: $874,048

Completed Research Support

  • JHU Discovery Award (Joint PI: Venkataraman/Johnson/Sair/Jouny)
    Noninvasive Seizure Localization in Epilepsy Patients via Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Project Dates: 07/01/19 – 06/3/21
    Total Funding Amount: $100,000
  • JHMI Synergy Award (Joint PI: Johnson/Venkataraman)
    Epileptic Seizure Localization via Bayesian Structure Learning
    Project Dates: 07/01/17 – 06/31/19
    Total Funding Amount: $100,000
  • Neuroradiology MRI Scanning Award (Joint PI: Sair/Johnson/Venkataraman)
    Building a Database of Neurotypical Controls for Multiple Clinical Studies
    Project Dates: 07/01/17 – 06/31/18
    Total Funding Amount: $7,000