How schooling fish can be quieter than a solitary swimmer
Any-fin is possible: the team found that a school of fish moving together in just the right way was incredibly effective at reducing noise.

Gut Check: Stomach simulator sheds light on best patients for gastroparesis Surgery
Model developed by Hopkins engineers could guide treatment plans.

Back to the Future: da Vinci’s 500-Year-Old Drawing Could Inform New, Quieter Drone Design
Rajat Mittal and Jung-Hee Seo reach back to the 15th century to solve a 21st-century problem.

2022 Stanley Corrsin Award Lecture by Professor Mittal: “From Beating Hearts to Flapping Fins: Insights into biological flows empowered by high-fidelity immersed boundary methods.”


FPCL team collaborating with Gastroenterologists wins “Poster of Distinction” at the 2023 DDW conference for their poster titled:


2022 Stanley Corrsin Award Lecture by Professor Mittal: “From Beating Hearts to Flapping Fins: Insights into biological flows empowered by high-fidelity immersed boundary methods.”


How a Pill Dissolves in the Stomach; Insights from StomachSim – Lee, Seo, Kuhar & Mittal

        JHU Press Release on our Research on Drug Dissolution in the Stomach.

        Study Finds Body Position Makes ‘Tremendous Impact’ in How Fast Medicine Kicks In.

        New Science Reveals the Best Way to Take a Pill.

        Have you been taking pills wrong? Here’s what science says.


Shantanu Bailoor’s Dissertation Defense, July 14, 2022.

Immersed Boundary Methods: Translating Concepts into Simulations – 2021 Freeman Scholar Award Lecture

Karthik Menon received the Mark O. Robbins Prize in High-Performance Computing. Congratulations!

Karthik Menon received the Corrsin-Kovasznay Outstanding Paper Award for his paper titled “On the initiation and sustenance of flow-induced vibration of cylinders: insights from force partitioning”. Congratulations!

Shantanu Bailoor received JHU Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Creel Family Teaching Assistant Award for the 2020-2021 academic year. Congratulations!

Dr. Mittal and colleagues from ME and Medicine win Provost Discovery Award on gastric biomechanics of obesity and diabetes

Dr. Mittal named 2021 ASME Freeman Scholar

Dr. Mittal featured in this Washington Post investigative news report on face masks

Dr. Mittal discusses with VOA, the use of apps that calculate the risk of COVID-19 transmission

Dr. Mittal appears on ABC Good Morning America to comment on new study on COVID-19 infection risk on commercial flight

HUB Article on recent paper by Dr. Mittal and co-authors on a new model of airborne transmission risk of COVID-19

FPCL research cited by New York Times – At the Masters’ 12th Hole, Shots Are Left Twisting in the Wind

Emily Palmer wins second prize in ASME paper competition

FPCL Alum wins Acrivos Dissertation Award

Johns Hopkins team gets $1M grant to explore intricacies of bat navigation.

FPCL Alum Professor Xudong Zheng receives the 2017 NSF CAREER award.  

Trying To Unravel The 12th Hole At The Masters | ESPN Sport Science | 2017 Masters

Paddle vs. Propeller: Which Olympic swimming stroke is superior?

Analyzing mechanics of butterflies in flight

Johns Hopkins cricket research could lead to a new generation of robots

Analysis of crickets’ jumps could lead to new, tiny robots

Predicting wind-induced variability of golf shots: A look at Hole 12 at the Augusta Masters

In the News FPCL – ME JHU

January, 2017

FPCL work on predicting blood clot formation reported on by the Texas Advanced Computing Center:

August, 2016

Prof. Rajat Mittal’s work with USA Olympian Michael Phelps is featured in The New Yorker for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics:


April, 2016

FPCL work on Augusta National’s 12th hole is featured on the Golf Digest:   Golf_digest


Other media coverages include:

GolfGolf Magazine


Eurasia Review


Scientific Computing

Imperial Valley News (Southern California)

Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)

March, 2016

What tiny mollusks in Antarctica can tell us about ocean acidification.
Computer simulations show tricky wind dynamics at play at Augusta National.
Our research may help golfers tame the sport’s ‘Scariest 155 Yards’.

February, 2016

FPCL work performed on MARCC is featured on the JHU Engineering magazine.

January, 2016

Minuscule Marvels — Our research on spider crickets is featured on the JHU Engineering magazine.

December, 2015

Our research on aeromechanics of spider crickets is covered by more media:
Reuters: Analysis of crickets’ jumps could lead to new, tiny robots
The Baltimore Sun: Study of spider crickets a leap into aerodynamics

November, 2015

mittalsiteAnirban Ghosh (MS ’15) wins 3rd prize among the MS students category
at 2015 ASME IMECE for his paper:
Coupled Fluid-Chemical Computational Modeling of Anticoagulation
Therapies in a Stented Artery, Paper # IMECE2015-52638.


Parastou Eslami received second place in the Hopkins Imaging Conference Poster Contest. Congratulations!

The New York Times covered our research on spider crickets: Crickets and Their Spectacular Dancelike Leaps

October, 2015

Research on aeromechanics of spider crickets is covered by the following media:

id41646JHU Hub

Popular Mechanics

R&D Magazine



Wireless Design Magazine

June, 2015

Research on Olympic swimmers quoted in NAUTILUS.

May, 2015

Research on Olympic swimmers featured in the Mechanical Engineering Magazine.

See how FPCL helps to build a better heart.

April, 2015

Paper on accelerated Jacobi Method is the most downloaded paper in JCP in last 90 days since August 2014 – Has been downloaded more than 3000 times in the last 8 months.

SRJ_Paper-Usage Report copy

March, 2015

Research on insect flight quoted in the Economist.

February, 2015

Chao Zhang successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Mechanisms for Aerodynamic Force Generation and Flight Stability for Insects”. Congratulations, Dr. Zhang!

January, 2015

Vijay Vedula successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Image Based Computational Modeling of Intracardiac Flows”. Congratulations, Dr. Vedula!

June 2014

19th Century Math Tactic Gets a Makeover—and Yields Answers Up to 200 Times Faster

April 2014

Prof. Mittal’s Trip to Antarctica – Chasing Pteropods in Antarctica: Five weeks at Palmer Station

January, 2014

Sea sentinels Signal Ocean Changes – Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine 

June, 2013

Figure accepted as JFM cover page

April, 2013

Scientific American: The Mathematical Butterfly: Simulations Provide New Insights on Flight

Inside Science: The Mathematical Butterfly: Simulations Provide New Insights on Flight

January 2013,

Johns Hopkins senior Tiras Lin wins Churchill Scholarship

July 2012,

June, 2012

Hopkins News Release: Paddle vs. Propeller: Which Olympic Swimming Stroke is Superior?

February, 2012

Hopkins News Release: Unraveling a Butterfly’s Aerial Antics Could Help Builders of Bug-Size Flying Robots

POPSCI: To Enable the Robo-Insects of the Future, Researchers Capture Butterfly Flight at 3,000 FPS

CBC: Butterflies inspire bug-size flying robots

Joplin Independent: Research mimics movement of butterflies

JHU Insect Flight

November, 2011

FPCL work on cardiac simulation by Xudong Zheng and Rajat Mittal chosen for the cover of the Bulletin of the American Physical Society’s 64th Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics

Tiras Lin ’13 wins second place for Best Undergraduate Student Presentation at the AIAA Region I Young Professional, Student, and Education Conference 2011 for his presentation titled, “Understanding the Role of Moment-of-Inertia Variation in Insect Flight Maneuvers”

October, 2010

Tiras Lin ’13 wins third place in the Undergraduate Presentation competition at the AIAA Region 1 Young Professional Student and Education Conference for his presentation titled “Study of Insect Flight Dynamics using High-Speed Videgrammetry

Febrary , 2010

Figure from JFM paper chosen for Cover

August, 2008

August 1, Popular Science —- How It Works: The Dolphin Kick
August 13, National Public Radio—-Dolphin Kick Gives Swimmers Edge
August 13, National Public Radio—-The Science Behind Swimmers Dolphin Kick
August 15, The Times of India—-Indian scientist explains Phelps phenomenon
August 19, Popular Mechanics—-After 8 Golds for Phelps, 8 Big Questions on Beijing’s Super Pool

June, 2008

June 20, 2008, The Washington Post—-A revolution that began with a dolphin kick
June 20, 2008, The Washington Post—-Why Are the Records Falling

December, 2006

The paper, “Locomotion with flexible propulsors: Experimental Analysis of Pectoral Fin Swimming in Sunfish” by G V Lauder, P G A Madden, R Mittal, H Dong And M Bozkurttas, was chosen on the cover of “BIOINSPIRATION AND BIOMIMICS ” Vol. 1, Number 4, 2006.

January, 2006

Hydrodynamics, Small-Scale Flows Highlight 2005 DFD Meeting.

July, 2005

CONTOURS, The Tecplot Newsletter

Spring, 2005

Synergy, G.W.U., S.E.A.S.



The Wall Street Journal
Online -In Print: Frontpage Page A10

The India Times

By George! OnlineIn Print

Sports Illustrated Article

The New Yorker

32 Processor COMPAQ GS320 becomes operational 06/07/2004

September, 2003

Professor Rajat Mittal Receives $1Million DoD Challenge Grant

January, 2003

Professor Rajat Mittal Receives DoD Challenge Grant

April, 2002

Research featured in Tecplot website