Students and Staff

Current Students

2012-09-21-23Zhuoyu Zhou (Ph.D)

I joined FPCL in 2013, and I’m currently working on the project of Pteropod behavior as a bio assay for ocean acidification. With the computational models of fluid dynamics, we will be able to identify the propulsive mechanisms and trajectory characteristics of Limacina, and gather locomotory data to investigate the OA effects. Aside from my research, I enjoy play strategy game and watch TV shows.


Chi Zhu (Ph.D)

I joined FPCL in 2014. My research focus on mapping the cardiac acousteome, specifically, using computational fluid dynamics to simulate the cardiovascular flow and the heart sound. This research may help us to understand the cause-and-effect of heart diseases, laying the foundations for a smart, non-invasive diagnostic technique.


Aaron Rips (Ph.D)

I Joined FPCL as PhD student in Fall of 2015. My research is in Fluid-Structure Interaction, meaning systems which exhibit coupling between fluid and structural dynamics. In particular, I study flow induced aeroelastic flutter. The classic example of this is a flapping flag where the flapping flag and the vortex structures in the flow are fully coupled. My focus is in both understanding the underlying physics and practical applications of aeroelastic flutter, and in developing simulation techniques capable of addressing these coupled multi-physics systems. I have always been fascinated with aerospace. From the Blue Angels to the movie Apollo 13, and even the Hubble Deep Field; engineering and science are both personal hobbies, and my area of research.


Karthik Menon (Ph.D)

I work on Aeroelastic Flutter, which means I spend my time observing cylinders, airfoils (and shapes in between) as they bob up-and-down while producing interesting vortex wake patterns. The aim of my work is to understand this dynamical behaviour from a Fluids-Structure Interaction perspective, and possibly control or enhance these oscillations according to the application. About me: I grew up in Bangalore, India, and joined FPCL in 2016. I love reading, travelling and am a huge basketball buff.


Shantanu Bailoor (Ph.D)

My work involves computer simulations of cardiovascular hemodynamics and thrombosis in prosthetic aortic valves.


Samvit Kumar (Ph.D)

I am a PhD student and am advised jointly by Dr Charles Meneveau and Dr Rajat Mittal. My work is on wall bounded turbulence.


Research Staff

Zhongwang Dou (Post-Doc)

I joined FPCL in June 2017. My major research focus is on experimental fluid mechanics and hemodynamics. I conduct research related to hemodynamics, thrombogenesis, and heart sound analysis in aortic valves. I obtained my BS degree on June 2012 from University of Science and Technology of China and my Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal/Fluid Science) on January 2017 from University at Buffalo – SUNY. Before joining FPCL, I also worked as a Research Associate between February 2017 and May 2017 in Toshiba Stroke & Vascular Research Center.  I love my family.

Wen Wu (Post-Doc)

I strive to conduct practical research, which provides contributions to both academia and practice in the area of fluid dynamics and model development. My current research seeks to understand the flow-physics and non-linear dynamics of turbulent separation bubbles using high-fidelity numerical simulations employing multi-model approaches. I also focus on developing new foundational methodologies to address the challenges in the analysis, prediction and control of practical separating flows in engineering applications.