Photonics Faculty

Faculty List

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PI Name Dept. Lab Name & Website Research Interest
Xingde Li BME Laboratory of Biophotonics Imaging Technologies (BIT) My research interest centers on development of cutting-edge and translational biophotonics technologies that interface and bridge basic engineering research and medical diagnosis and intervention.
Scott Kuo BME Advanced Imaging for Molecular and Cellular Studies Cell Motility and Cell Mechanics using novel laser-based optical tools
Nicholas Durr BME Durr Computational Biophotonics Lab The goal of the Computational Biophotonics Lab is to research novel optical technologies to meet clinical needs
Mark A. Foster ECE Ultrafast & Nonlinear Photonics Group
Amy C. Foster ECE Integrated Photonics Laboratory
Israel Gannot ECE NA Optical biopsy-optical diagnostic methods in medicine; Laser tissue interaction; Fibers and waveguides for medical applications; Lasers and optics in medicine
Ishan Barman ME Photonics for Quantative Biology and Medicine Bioengineering, optics and spectroscopy, developing integrative photonics solutions to complex problems in biological research and medical diagnosis.
Jin Kang ECE Photonics and optoelectronics lab
Jacob Khurgin ECE Theoretical and experimental studies of electronic, optical, and magnetic properties of the semiconductors and their heterostructure-quantum wells, and superlattice
Muyinatu Bell ECE Photoacoustic and ultrasonic systems engineering lab
Sussana Thon ECE NanoEnergy Lab Study nanostructrure materials and devices for renewable energy and optoelectronics
James Spicer MSE Materials Characterization, Laser-Materials Interactions, Materials for Energy, Structural Materials, and Optoelectronic & Magnetic Materials
Art Bragg Chem The Bragg Lab The Bragg Lab is group of spectroscopists in the Chemistry Department at JHU. We are interested specifically in the spectroscopy and dynamics of poly-conjugated molecules that have interesting fundamental properties and material applications, as well as new and interesting ways to study these systems with light.
Collin Broholm Phys/A Institute for Quantum Matter The Institute brings together key expertise in materials synthesis, advanced spectroscopy, and theoretical analysis to accomplish these goals.
Peter Artimage Phys/A Artimage Lab The main interest of the group is exotic electronic states of matter at low temperatures, including exotic superconductors, novel magnetic states, electronic glasses, and materials in proximity to quantum critical points. Other areas of interest are nanostructures, biological physics, and aspects of physical chemistry and quantum optics.
Natalia Drichko Phys/A Drichko Lab Raman Spectroscopy Group and Users Center The Raman spectroscopy group is focused on studies of charge and spin ordered ground states in strongly correlated electron systems. Our current aim is to investigate them with Raman spectroscopy to find general behavior for materials of different chemical origin

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