The Barman Laboratory

Innovate. Build. Apply. We innovate new spectroscopic imaging methods that uniquely bridge molecular and morphologic domains across different length scales. We build tailored nanostructures that enhance imaging and detection of biological targets in vitro and in vivo. We apply advanced machine learning methods to uncover objective biomarkers for diagnoses prior to conventional manifestations and to provide patient stratifications for more effective therapy.

15+ Years

Shining Light on Human Life

Our research is focused on developing integrative photonics solutions to complex problems in biological research and medical diagnosis. The field of biomedical optics and spectroscopy has expanded greatly due to the technological advances in optical instrumentation and the development of label-free imaging methodologies for clinical applications.

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Latest news

We report a large-area and label-free testing platform that combines surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and machine learning for the rapid and accurate detection of SARS-CoV-2. 
Our study providing first-in-class evidence that optical spectroscopy allows sensitive detection of early tumor changes that predict response to immunotherapy is published in Cancer Research. It is also featured in JHU Hub and Spectroscopy Europe.
Our work on furin-mediated self-assembly of olsalazine nanoparticles for targeted Raman imaging of tumors is published as a “Hot Paper” in Angewandte Chemie Intl Ed.

Our Team

We are constantly growing and evolving, which results in new opportunities for ambitious people to work in a positive work environment. Whether your just starting out or an experienced professional, a great future starts here.

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